My sister and brother-in-law set off with their grown children and their children to visit our mother’s home and her relatives in Sweden. By my count, this could easily include 10 to 15 people (and more) all doing different things at different times on different days. Keeping in touch with everyone else can be done rather easily with the app WhatsApp or a variety of other communication tools on cell phones, devices and laptops.  But, there’s heck of a better way: Twitter.

Twitter on vacation

Twitter is a social media platform based on answering the question “What are you doing right now?”. Since its launch in 2006, free-to-use Twitter has become the single most powerful tool for instantaneous mass communication around the world. Like FaceBook, Twitter connects everyone to anyone else. But, Twitter does it in 280 characters.


The (absolutely amazing) power of Twitter is in #HashTags. My extended family traveling overseas can use Twitter for their own private use via hashtags like #MyXYZfamily (**replace XYZ with your own chosen name).
Twitter Goes On Vacation by the Gaia Capitalist
“Twitter Goes On Vacation” by the Gaia Capitalist