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The humanitarian crisis on our southern border with Mexico continues to engulf the nations’ attention. Images of distressed, frantic children forcibly taken from their families and the heartrending sounds of sobbing toddlers calling for Mama & Papa are too painful to witness without doing something to help. We have no choice. Millions of good, decent Americans are stepping up, speaking out. Our voices are being heard.

Since April. 2018, when the Trump Administration implemented the “Zero Tolerance” policy to arrest and charge immigrants crossing into the United States illegally an estimated 3000 children have been displaced from their families. Although President Trump reversed his own Family Separation policy on Wed June 27, 2018, nothing but confusion exists to reunite the children already taken by the Department of Homeland Security and placed into a hodgepodge network of shelters, tent cities and foster homes.

Exacerbating the already chaotic, disorganized effort to reunify families is the federal government’s lack of planning and the woefully inadequate resources to reunite families even when the parent has been deported back to their home countries without their children who remain in government custody somewhere in the United States.

Little or no thought has been given to what happens to these families afterward. The very real possibility exists that many of these children will never be reunited with their mothers and fathers. Someone else will have to handle the politics while my goal now is to help reunite children with their families …..…. and to finish developing the concept of a database & search protocols on the Twitter platform.

Connecting families
TWITTER is a POWERFUL TOOL – Benefits to you:

1) FREE for everyone to use – no equipment, small investment for training, misc expenses

2) Twitter is accessible in any country, in many languages

3) Minimal training needed for agencies, social workers, health officials, already in the field, gathering the same information.4) Simple, logical data / fields / Tweet hashtag formats

5) Creates unique pages – on the fly – for connection, communication

6) Instantaneous, real-time messaging for text, photos, graphics, .gifs

7) Support services, remote monitoring, cross-referencing by our SysOp Team.

Long-tail Hashtag Searches on Twitter

Es obvio que el gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos no tiene procedimientos, políticas o protocolos para reunificar a las familias ya separadas y recluidas en detención.